3ds Max

  • .pc2 files are now correctly re-linked and managed in scene
  • To avoid issues, you’ll be warned if render region is on when rendering with Corona.
  • Added support for MaxFluid Cache (2018.4 update and up)
  • Fixed V-RayProxy assets handling
  • Fixed & improved Anima asset handling
  • Camera objects are now listed properly in the plugin setup window
  • Fixed issue with forwarding setup for “use camera path” (IR/LC) switches when using V-Ray Strip mode
  • Setups with V-Ray’s “use camera path (IR/LC)” mode are now properly forwarded when rendering high resolution images (strip mode)
  • Fixed render range validation issues when using Corona in strips mode
  • Improved support for 3ds Max Scanline renderer
  • Fixed issues with V-Ray and Corona render elements
  • Added support for .CXR format with strip rendering mode (Corona render)
  • Added 3ds Max 2019 support. You can now render your newest Max scenes with our plugin


  • Improved asset detection and handling for Xgen
  • Added support for variable ${PROJECT} in Xgen
  • Added support for Time Editor (including assets)
  • Fixed detection for missing UV textures (when using relative paths)
  • Added prompts for GI setups with superfluous files when using the “render as is” mode for V-Ray

Cinema 4d

  • Improved caching checker for C4D tags — now all mograph, dynamics, and cloth tags are checked for a missing cache. When uploading with the plugin, you can opt to skip caching
  • Fixed issue with undetected GI maps (Irradiance) when using “full animation mode” switch
  • Fixed issue with rendering a tiled camera with non-standard render engines
  • Fixed the takes grouping system. Now each take will have group_name in its output path
  • New plugin UI with a lot of additional options and features
  • Plugin modes are separated for Animation, Tiles, and Takes
  • With Animation mode, you can now render multiple cameras. Every camera now has a separate editable frame range and step. Each camera is rendered as the separated job and its own output path
  • With Tiles mode, you can now render high-resolution single frame still shots. This mode should be used only in scenes without any animation! If animation in your scene exists, the plugin will merge the whole scene into one object, and set the selected frame render range
  • With Takes mode, you can now render animated scenes using the takes render system. The plugin reads all takes setups and just forwards them to UI. You can now select the “Export settings” option between “Global” (for the whole scene) or “Per take” (different render settings for each take)
  • Added full support for V-Ray 3.6 — including pre-cached GI maps & render elements
  • Improved checker procedure for missing non-cached dynamics (all kind of tags — dynamics, cloth, mograph, particles and so on)
  • Improved pre-cached GI maps. Now each GI engine (IC, LM, RM) can have pre-cached GI maps for rendering on the farm
  • Fixed FPS to frame range conversion
  • Fixed renderBeamer auto-startup on OSX
  • Blocked Physical render with tiled camera mode (it’s not supported in C4D)
  • Protection tag on camera object is now automatically deleted when using “Tiled” mode
  • Fixed render engine detection (Arnold renderer)
  • Fixed GI switches (skip pre-pass if present, autoload, paths to pre-cached GI maps). Now you can easily render scenes with pre-cached GI.
  • Fixed copying pre-cached GI for V-Ray
  • A lot of improvements in plugin stability and speed


  • Now you can render Modo 11.2v3 and 12.0v1 scenes on our farm!
  • Blocked scene uploading process when scene assets are missing
  • Improved crash logs data information


  • Added support for Lightwave 2018 (up to 2018.0.4)
  • Added support for new outputs system (tags, multilayer)
  • Added support for multi-format outputs — now every render
  • output can be rendered with different format setup
  • Fixed issue with the “use preferences output path” switch — now the preferences output path is set to \projectdir\Renders folder
  • Added support for pre-cached radiosity maps (Lightwave 2018 and higher). This feature works with single and multi cached radiosity files
  • Fixed issues with not copying mdd assets
  • Improvements in plugin stability and speed
  • Rebuilt the image sequences workflow. Due to the Lightwave bug with re-linking image sequences while relinking & preparing scene, we switched our workflow to .mov files. Now, every image sequence used in your scene should be changed to .mov file and re-connected to it
  • Added support for custom buffers sets (Lightwave 2018+)
  • Added support for arbitrary range
  • Blocked rendering without main output buffer
  • Fixed installer issues on Mac OS High Sierra
  • Fixed issue with doubling GI setup when using Kray render engine. Now our plugin automatically turns off Lightwave GI when using Kray
  • Blocked the camera selector modifier


  • Added support for Rhino v6 (up to newest release) & newest V-Ray (3.6x)
  • Fixed automatic V-Ray version detection on Rhino 6.x


  • Added support for V-Ray proxy assets
  • Fixed issues with plugin & renderBeamer communication
  • Unified GUI across all platforms
  • Fixed sun \ shadows support for V-Ray 3.4 in Page render mode
  • Fixed issue with exporting pages (i.e. animation is now automatically turned on for selected pages )
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Hidden page animation mode for scenes with page number lower than 2
  • Minor GUI fixes


  • Fixed issues for VUE 2016 R3
  • Fixed detection of VUE version
  • Fixed animation output settings
  • Added support for XStream 2016 R4



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