AI, archviz & you: how tech can help you & not take over your job

Creds to Kurzgesagt, check out more of their bite-sized nihilism here
  • What parts of the work would soon be automated by AI?
  • Are VR technologies close to changing the game?
  • How can ArchViz designers today hope to stand out in the ever-growing, ever-saturated market?

Automation and Employment

A snap from The Simpsons S23E17, “Them Robot”

Virtual Reality over 3D Rendering?

Art by Scott Johnson

Architectural Visualization is an Art

The perfect movie poster, cropped; creds to IGN
  • Step away from the mindset of chasing projects/clients
  • Study different art forms. Photography, drawing, painting, and so on
  • Develop from a variety of styles. Building an eclectic palette would allow you to be more flexible and make the most of the tools out there today
  • Start a creative project for yourself to experiment and have fun
  • Be active in the CG community and learn from others. Knowledge is much more accessible now than it used to be



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