10 years of GarageFarm.NET: a decade recounted by Tomasz Swidzinski and Michal Organisciak

Can you describe what the CG industry and 3d rendering was like ten years ago? What were the specific needs that eventually prompted GarageFarm.NET and its cloud-rendering services?

Tomek our CEO and… Tomek called Domel, our IT software manager, who is fascinated with old computers.

That said, how did GarageFarm.NET start? When did you personally come in?

How has GarageFarm.NET approached changes over the years? What was the journey like for GarageFarm.NET to get to where it is — both generally and with respect to your position?

GarageFarm.NET at Siggraph Asia 2015

How do you see the company changing in 5–10 years? How, if any, do these reflect changes forecasted for the 3D industry in general?

How do you motivate the people under you?

Michał, when he was training our team during the company meeting in 2018.

What were the three biggest accomplishments your department has made for GarageFarm.NET?

What was the biggest challenge your department had to face? How was it overcome?

How does your current venture contribute to the company as a whole?

The differentiating factor with GarageFarm.NET is its “human touch.” Is this aspect still as relevant today as it was before?

Martin, Kate and Michal at Total Chaos 2019

What impressions would you like customers to have of GarageFarm.NET? Why?



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